Viking Warrior’s Adventure – Oddmar


Sep 15 2023

Oddmar is an original action-adventure platformer inspired by Vikings and Norse mythology.

A long time ago not far away land from here...

There was a Viking called Oddmar! Because of the irony of fate he is not allowed to enter Valhalla... But as we all know, when there seems no hope left always a spark of light shines bright through on his way and lots of mushrooms. Well we all need to suppress our hunger anyway.


As a Viking given special powers by a magical mushroom, you’ll journey through mystical fairy forests, snowy mountains, treacherous mines and more on a quest to become worthy of Valhalla’s great hall of heroes. Meet new friends and arm yourself with magically imbued weapons and shields to battle monstrous foes and bosses on this epic adventure.


Let's witness the story of a Great Vikings!