An Enthralling Challenge of Willpower


Dec 12 2022

In the game, there's only one character: a bald man sitting in a barrel, swinging a hammer.

The game's protagonist, Bennett Jazzuo, is the most powerful warrior of the Kingdom of Green, highly skilled in swordsmanship. Every triumphant return from his battles is met with an enthusiastic reception from the kingdom's citizens, creating a scene that often surpasses even the celebrations of the old king's birthday. This year, during the king's birthday celebration, the ministers presented a treasure from the East: a massive cannon made of iron that could produce thunderous booms. The old king was delighted with this gift, but Bennett had a plan. He persuaded the king to allow him to personally test the cannon and ordered the guards to stuff himself into the cannon's barrel. Bennett himself packed the cannon with gunpowder using a hammer. With a deafening blast, the cannon shattered, and the valiant Bennett, along with the iron barrel, disappeared into the distant sky. To find his way back home, Bennett embarks on a journey of ascent.


This game is a lighthearted side-scrolling platformer filled with fun. Its theme revolves around a unique form of rock climbing. The game features simple yet engaging controls with a touch of challenge. It employs a physics-based gravity engine. Players click to control the character as they swing the large hammer in their hand, using it to hook onto trees, chisel into rock crevices, and leverage angles to support themselves. The person in the barrel can perform various moves like jumping, swinging, swaying, climbing, pushing off, and soaring up or down. The game consists of a single large level where the character encounters various obstacles such as trees, rocks, cliffs, buildings, stairs, and cliffs. Overcoming these obstacles is essential for progressing. In the game, resilience is crucial, as a single misstep can easily send you back to the base of the mountain to start anew.